Frequently Asked Questions:

A: Its very simple. When you contact us, as a family member or loved one interested in an Individual Session for someone, we will direct you to an online questionnaire where we learn as much as we can about the person we will be working with. This detailed, but brief, questionnaire allows us to gather all the information we need to uniquely personalize a customized Musicholistics session. Our sessions are an engaging and captivating multi-media experience with the goal of renewing and reviving precious memories of your loved one’s life and past.
If you are inquiring about a Group Session, the process is slightly different. We simply gather general information about the audience to create a “semi-personalized” Group Session.
A: No, we are not music therapists, but actually much more. While music is an element of an Aria session, it is only a part of what we offer. We don’t play musical instruments for our clients nor do we teach them how to play and instrument. We make no medical or clinical claims to our services. What we can tell you is this: Our unique highly personalized holistic approach to memory stimulation truly works. The difference we are able to make is something that can be seen and measured especially by the loved ones of those we service. We are not miracle workers, but we have found an entertaining way to bring joy, happiness and smiles to those who experience the Aria Musicholistics difference.
A: No, we do not just service senior citizens. Our service also greatly benefits other groups as well, including veterans with PTSD, alzheimers and dementia patients, troubled youth, brain injury patients, coma/hospice patients, children with ADHD or autism disorders, and depression/anxiety patients. Everyone, no matter how old or how young has a past with precious memories that are not always easy to recall. We feel that helping to recall these precious moments does nothing but good for the body and the mind, thus aiding in the healing of whatever they are dealing with.
A: We are not expensive at all. In fact, we think you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable our individual or group sessions actually are. Even better we offer special discounts for repeat monthly or weekly customers and session discounts for referrals. Visit our “Schedule a session” page to see our affordable Aria Musicholistics session rates for individuals and groups.
A: We may require that you travel from your kitchen to your family room. That’s right, we come to you! You or your loved one doesn’t have to travel anywhere to experience our services. So whether the client is being cared for in a private home or in an assisted living community, or even a hospital, we come to them! So, every call is a house call.
A: There are countless studies about how music affects the brain. But lets forget about the research for just a moment. You have certainly heard a song from your youth and been compelled to reminisce about that time in your life and all the wonderful memories it held. We have all experienced first hand how music affects the brain. So imagine music, accompanied by precious personal images of your past as well as antiques from your childhood or youth that you can actually hold. Together these things make for a powerful and undeniable tool in helping to unlock sweet memories held captive by time or disease. As complex as the brain is, our holistic approach is quite simple. We like to say, “There’s no better way to unlock precious memories, than with precious memories”.
A: Yes. We work with groups from 5 people to 30 people. Small groups or large groups are no problem. Just let us know a bit more about the size and make up of your group and where they will be located and we will prepare a “semi-personalized” session sure to delight everyone.
A: Absolutely! An Aria Musicholistics Session is one of the most thoughtful and loving gifts you can give to someone. It’s the gift of precious memories. We even offer discounted multi session packages so that you can gift someone an Aria session weekly, monthly or at any interval you like for as many sessions as you like. Call us for more details on our single or multi-session gift packages.
A: No, you do not have to be there. All of the information we would need from you is included in the questionnaire you filled out when you placed your order. We know you would love to witness the session to see how your loved one reacts, but if that s not possible we make it possible. We offer video recorded and Facetime Aria Sessions too. We can record the session and you will be able to privately and securely log in to view the session on your computer, tablet or smart phone at anytime after the fact wherever you are. So you can see exactly how your loved one reacted to the sights and sounds of their life.

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