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Our Mission

It’s not often that a “non-medical” service comes along that has the unique power to change people’s lives for the better.  Aria Musicholistics is just that type of service.

Aria is a radically new and exciting memory care service geared towards the senior community, yet equally as effective for a variety of other special groups as well.  On the surface, some may be inclined to call us “music therapists”, but they would be mistaken, we are not music therapists but in fact much much more.


Our mission is simple, and that is to greatly enhance and enrich the process of growing old while bringing new levels of cognizance, joy, happiness and exhilaration to those we serve in the process. Let the doctors focus on healing the body, the heart and the soul can only be healed from the inside out.

We have no doubt that once you or your loved one experiences our unparalleled personalized approach, you will immediately understand why Aria Musicholistics has the power to truly awaken the soul.

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