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Why We’re Unique

There are so many things that make Aria special, but before we explain a few of them, we encourage you to view the brief animation video on the home page. It clearly details in a fun way exactly why Aria Musicholistics is changing the lives of so many seniors.

But to put it simply, we attempt to unlock and refresh memories long faded or damaged by time, injury or disease. We don’t just use music, we use the music of YOUR LOVED ONE’S LIFE; we don’t just use images and photos, we use the images and photos of ‘THEIR LIFE’; we don’t just recollect the past to unlock long dormant precious memories, we recollect YOUR LOVED ONE’S PAST to refresh, renew and revive the hearts and their souls – young or old. It truly is a “This is your Life” approach to memory care!

We offer both individual and group packages. Our most effective, of course, is the personalized individual service where we have a close family member fill out a detailed and comprehensive questionnaire that gives us the most important information about the glorious live your loved one has lived.

Unlocking & Refreshing Memories

We do our homework by conducting exhaustive research based on the information you provide to make our individualized session so personalized and so intimate that we can take our customers down a memory lane like never before. Using sight, sound and even hands-on experiences with actual antiques, we are often able to refresh what time or disease has tried to erase.

When we are having any level of success, the eyes, facial expressions, and the body language will tell us, often allowing us breakthrough moments even with those who are harder to reach emotionally.

So imagine your loved one hearing their favorite song from their teenage years, while looking at images of the high school gymnasium they once played sports in. Or imagine them seeing images of the neighborhood they grew up in as a child, or imagine them holding a model replica of their first or favorite automobile, or a prized toy from their youth. These are just a few examples out of countless combinations we can present as we attempt to awaken the soul and reconnect with precious memories from their past.

Imagine them looking at their high school yearbook class picture, while listening to their old high school fight song or a radio broadcast of an important news event from that time.

“We are often successful in putting a smile on their face or a sparkle in their eye where one had not been in many years.” Darryl Duncan, CEO & Founder

The possibilities are endless, and we have found that with the exhaustive research and preparation we do for each of our clients we are often successful in putting a smile on their face or a sparkle in their eye where one had not been in many years.


The magic of Aria Musicholistics is our individualized custom approach to the entire process. This is not just an audio/visual presentation, but a very personalized presentation of THEIR LIVES painstakingly recreated just for them.

To understand how truly powerful this can be, contact us to schedule your first individualized session for your loved one. You’ll be happy you did.

We come to them, wherever they are, but don’t forget, if your loved one is in another city or state than you, we can video record the private session so that you can view it later on your computer or mobile device anywhere you are (optional). So you can see for yourself the joy we bring!

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~Aria Musicholistics is a unique “This is your life” approach to memory care.~